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For a child living with a facial difference, the world can be a place of sadness, rejection, and hopelessness.

Children born with facial differences, and those living with the scars of facial trauma, often endure the pain of teasing, bullying, rejection, and isolation. For many, appearance-related stigma can interfere with their care, their healing, their self-esteem, and their quality of life.

In any form, appearance-related stigma can leave emotional scars that remain for years and that increase the risk of future physical, social, and mental health challenges.

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Renew a sense of hope, joy, wonder, and empowerment in a child with a facial difference.

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Magical Moments Foundation transports children to a world that cares not how they look but who they are and what they believe.

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What We Do

We create magical moments in places of kindness, acceptance, and friendship ... where differences are embraced and celebrated and where dreams come true for EVERY child.

How We Help

Magical Moments Foundation is a wish-granting organization for children with facial differences. We work together with children and their families to create experiences that provide comfort, inspiration, and encouragement to children that face the world with a difference. With your help, we make children’s dream adventures a reality and bring smiles to their faces while restoring their sense of hope, wonder, and empowerment.